Camping – Tailgating and Football Updates

Camping/Tailgating and Football

Below you will find the updates and current happenings for the Camping/NFL and Tailgating websites:

11.23.14 I see it has been a long time since there were any updates to this store.  So today I talked with a friend and decided to add NFL caps to the list of items that are offered in the store.  Please be patient, for if  we don’t pick up the right hat out of Amazon, it lists the item where no one can buy it.. slowly getting all the baseball/football caps in the store before the holiday shopping season goes into full swing.

09.26.14 Across all the teams, more items have been added.  Finding difficulty in getting some teams items but will keep trying.  Have added tank tops to the selection because no matter where you are in the world.. tank tops could go all year through.

09.07.14 With the games going on today – goods were added to all the teams that were playing today.  Haven’t decided which team is going to be at the top of my list yet!

09.03.14 A little late in adding this one but almost all of the NFL teams are back up and ready on the website.  Currently adding winter wear to each of the teams.  Sorting through duplicates is slowing down the process.

08.20.14 Football season is almost upon us and the football items are making their way back into the store.  Some of the items added are Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens and other categories are being activated again.  So if you hit upon a link that doesn’t have anything in it – we are quickly working on resolving it.