How Lego’s helped Teddy

So if you wanted to know how Lego’s joined our ranks we are here to tell you the store of one day when Teddy came to us with a problem.  He and his friends were sitting around on the bed and were getting restless.  It was the same thing day in and day out while they were waiting.  There was discussion after discussion and they finally decided that they needed something to do during their downtime.   At first, they thought that they could do some cooking together.  The giraffe went on the internet and ordered food from the local supermarket.   Food arrived and it was all good except for one thing, they couldn’t reach the counters or the stove.   They jumped, that didn’t work.  Cat came up with another idea for the monkey to stand on top of the giraffe who stood on top of Teddy and that didn’t work.

All of them were sad, for they had all the food and didn’t know how they were going to cook it.  They figured the food would go bad soon if they couldn’t cook it or stick it in the refrigerator.  So, they all gathered around the kitchen island, sat down and thought and thought and thought.   The elephant grew weary of all the thinking and started walking about, his travels eventually lead him to the closest.

The closet he knew held many treasures, perhaps there was something in there that could help them.   He started digging around with his trunk.    You should have seen it, things were flying everywhere, over one shoulder came one shoe and suddenly the other shoe was flying over his other shoulder.  Things came fast and furious until he hit upon a box that he couldn’t lift.  He liked the colorful picture on the box and wanted to know more.  So he asked the giraffe to help him out.

“Giraffe, you can look over the top of the box, tell me what’s there please!”

“Okay, elephant, I am coming, you know we really need to get names for us all.”

When the giraffe arrived at the box he peered over the top and exclaimed “There are blocks here, blocks of many colors! We can use them, can’t we?”

Elephant looked up at giraffe and said “Let’s call the others over here to help us get them out of the closet.”  Elephant told the giraffe to put his head under the blanket for his was getting to trumpet the call to bring the others to them.   Giraffe hurried to what his was told for those trumpet sounds were LOUD!  It was loud, elephant trumpeted three times for the rest of them to come and join them in the closet.

All of their friends came to join them in the closet.  Elephant proceeded to explain to one and all what his thoughts were about the colorful block that they found.  He was thinking that they could build something to help them get to the area where they could cook the food.  All of them clapped they were so excited, a plan was starting to take hold.  One of them shouted out, what should we build?  The train shouted out one idea, a spaceship said another, they more fantastic ideas but none of them would get all of them quickly easily and safely to where they could get the food to the cooking area and all of them.

The littlest dragon spoke up and said “We could build stairs”.  They looked at each other and thought “Why didn’t I think of that!”.  So how do we get the blocks there?  They wanted to have another “think” circle and elephant thought to himself “I can’t go through that again.”  So he quickly thought, and before he could think of anything Giraffe said “Let’s build a chain of us all together from here to the cooking area”.   They all quickly agreed and formed a long line, Giraffe took a block out and handed it to the monkey who handed to the bear, and down the blocks were moved along the chain until it reached the area the cooking place. They worked together moving the blocks along the chain singing their “Happy” song while they worked.

The bear spoke up when they all gathered around the pile, “How do we make stairs?”. They looked at each other…