Tablet ready?

Okay, I finally admit it, I may have to break down and buy one of these things. Although, not sure when though. It’s always in the back of my mind that I may drop the thing after my wrist gets to tired of holding it up for long periods of time. I think in reality it’s because I am spoiled with my 17 inch laptop.

But the laptop doesn’t have the cameras front and back, or a “Mayday” button. The tablet has a whole lot of possibilities, one just has to simply watch a tv program to see how they are using them.

So this article may be short, but what I am trying to say, do your homework on what you want a tablet to do, say versus a laptop. Do you just want a tablet for reading on the go? Keeping up with watching movies or tv on the go? Perhaps even the latest novel? Does it have the right type of sound to watch a movie on the go? Can you plug in the type of headset that you like? What size drive does it have, and can you plug a USB into it? Perhaps you need the tablet to keep up with your office functions, see what is out there, explore all your options to truly enjoy your final purchase!