About Us

About Us – First, thanks for checking out the site!  As an introduction we are TA Blues, which is short for The Allergy Blues™.   The founder of the site, has multiple allergies, environmental and food.  After occurring a job loss, for not wanting to move to a state that would make her allergies worse she decided to put an allergy site together for adults.   The one thing that she noticed while building the site, the focus had to become a little wider. While the main goal remains in helping adults with allergies, those adults do have at one point in their lives, partners, children, families or all of the above.  So besides recipes and tools, product incorporation was a way to help maintain the site and hopefully help with expenses.  So to add products T.A. Blues was born, which is short for The Allergy Blues™  – to complement the site does carry allergy products such as medical bracelets.

So how did the products decisions come around – as you see on the Pinterest window – Sunshine, patio, holding teddy bears, tailgating, and grilling with pictures, sipping tea.. chilling.. enjoying the day! Carrying a message in the bag…  So we decided to incorporate items like camping gear, surf boards, nickel-free silver into stores, cameras, tablets and much more.  People who have allergies are the same, with hopes and dreams and a sense of adventure.

If you want to contact us …  each of the stores has a contact form, so just drop us a line!  Or join the newsletter to find out what was added to the stores.

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