Watches Updates

Watches Updates

Here you will find the updates or products that have been added to the store. Click here to go directly to the watch store.

02.15.15 Added Skagen watches to the store. Spotted the watch and the simplicity and yet elegance of the designs made me want to add them to the store. Skagen is a Danish company.

01.24.15 Nautical, the waves, the ocean or even the sounds of the surf.  These watches from Sperry Top-Sider will give the look.  This watch is what inspired the watches to be added to the store.. Seasider Analog 

11.23.14 A few days ago SO&CO watches were added to the store.  They were picked because of the great style and pricing offered.  If you decide to by a watch do keep the receipts for they have warranty repairs.  The information can be found on their website.

08.20.14 We have added a new category to the watch store, silicone and gel watches.   You would be surprised at the prices of these watches.  You could afford several of the watches for under $25.