What is ?

What is your definition of luxury? According to the definition:

Luxury Definition (dictionary.search.yahoo.com)
n. noun
1. Something inessential but conducive to pleasure and comfort.
2. Something expensive or hard to obtain.
3. Sumptuous living or surroundings.

Let’s start with something simple for this time, a bath. For me, that all depends on what one see’s as pleasure or comfort or perhaps even both?

Pleasure, depending on the day that you are having time for a bath could be a luxury. You could prepare it yourself or be fortunate enough to have someone prepare it for you. So, now what would you have in that bath? Would it be simple oils, or a ton of bubbles? The luxury of a mud bath in you are in a spa, perhaps? Would it be in a bath built for two or one? Even it the bath could hold two would the luxury be that you had the time to take a bath in that size tub alone?

Now, that you have the decision on what you would put in the bath, what would you do outside the bath? Would it be lit with candles, have soft music playing in the background, a good book ready to read? A good book to take you away for awhile is a really good idea, especially if it is that bath for one.

Okay, now how about something to eat or drink while you are in that bath? Okay, some people might go, huh? When it is either a glass of wine or that perfect cold drink along with chocolates that melt in your mouth while you are reading that enticing novel, talk about divine!!

No, matter how long that bath is, enjoy the moments!