Ever get so frazzled that you needed to do something with your hands? Tired of looking at all the electronics that you have on hand? Well, I have an idea for you or two. You can try knitting!

You can make something that will last for years. There is a scarf that I have hanging around in my closet that I still use that was made many years ago. It’s long and warm and I can wrap it around my neck a couple of times if I wanted too. If a scarf isn’t your thing, you can make mittens, hats, sweaters, tea cozys and so much more!

But if knitting isn’t quite your cup of tea, there is always crochet. You can make all sorts of items with crochet as well, from vests, to hats and so much more. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to start, you may have a friend that knows how and is willing to teach you, or you can try learning from a book and you can always try a video on youtube.com.